Where to do a PhD: in the United States or in the United Kingdom?


One of your goals is to get a Ph.D., but you still haven’t decided whether to go to an American or British university? Continue reading, so you can select the academic offer that best suits your needs.

United Kingdom

Every year, herds of international students flock to the UK to take part in various PhD programmes . Unlike in the United States, courses of this type do not constitute the highest academic degree, since there are also others of equal value such as DSc (Doctor of Science) and DLitt (Doctor of Letters).

Generally, PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) courses in Great Britain last around three years, and require the completion of a thesis in the last term of school. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of Doctorates whose educational scheme includes 4 years of studies, including some modules that the student must teach.

Foreign students, coming from countries outside the European Union, are asked for a series of requirements demanded by the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS: Academic Technology Approval Scheme); and even a security clearance for certain programs in Medicine, Mathematics, Materials Science, Natural Sciences, and Engineering. In addition, they must have completed a bachelor’s degree with honors of at least second class; and a relevant master’s degree. Students working as graduate research assistants can opt for part-time PhD courses.


To enroll in a Doctor of Philosophy , or PhD, program in the United States ; Candidates must take rigorous exams to determine the depth of their knowledge in their area of ​​research. The thesis work for these courses takes between two and four years, and after that period a committee of experts evaluates the student’s work. In fact, most universities allow up to 10 years to complete a PhD. Unlike in the United Kingdom, in American educational institutions the doctoral program does not have a rigid and formal schedule of time, but rather adjusts to the possibilities of the student. On average, students complete the course in 4 to 8 years.

To qualify for a PhD in the United States, the candidate must have a relevant bachelor’s degree, good academic qualifications, letters of recommendation, related coursework, Statement of Purpose (SOP), and good test scores. proficiency of the English language GRE and GMAT .