9 Questions to ask the University before applying


Don’t know what to say when requesting information at a university? Don’t miss out on such a valuable opportunity! Here we tell you the most important aspects to take into account when selecting an educational institution abroad

As you probably already know, you have the possibility to interview the university that interests you by simply clicking on the “MORE INFORMATION” option available at this link . That way, you can start a conversation to get information that will help you decide where to study.

But… What should you ask? 

It’s easy to request information about the scholarship opportunities they offer. However, hundreds of interested parties do the same and your message will not stand out. The more original and personalized the question, the more it will have an impact on the staff in charge of reading and answering, shocked by receiving something different from what they normally see.

Here we will give you some ideas to stand out when inquiring at any university (in Spanish and English):

Where can I live? ‘Where can I live?’

What accommodation options does the institution offer? Are housing alternatives on or off campus? What are the costs and what does it include? Am I guaranteed a place to live during my first year of studies? Do you provide help to get a room outside the university facilities?

What is the international student body like? What’s the international student body like?’

What is the proportion of foreign students enrolled? Where do those students come from? Are there many students from my own country? If the answer is affirmative, are there clubs or societies made up of said students?

How is the course delivered? ‘How is the course taught?’

Is the educational system based on classes, laboratory work or seminars? What is the structure of a normal class/seminar? Does each student work individually or in groups? How many hours must I be on campus each week? Are face-to-face meetings held with teachers in their offices?

What specific subjects are included in the course? What would you study specifically on a course?’

Can I get specific details of the study material, for example authors or established cases? How much depth should I expect? Will I choose the study modules? Is there a compulsory core curriculum for all students?

What have the graduates of this course done?  ‘What have previous graduates on this course gone on to do?’

Does the university have any notable alumni in my field of study? Perhaps a well-known famous person? In which companies or organizations are these graduates working, to apply after receiving my degree? Could I get work experience with one of those companies or alongside one of those people? Are there any unusual paths the graduates have been down that might not be obvious?

What should I study if I later want to continue to the next academic level? ‘What should I study if I want to study at a higher level later?’

If I have aspirations to do a postgraduate or higher course, what should I study first (for example, at the undergraduate level)? What courses does the university offer that allow me to meet my goal? Does the institution have programs on the way to postgraduate or pre-master’s degrees?

Can you confirm the deadline for my admission application? ‘Can you confirm the application deadlines?’

When does the registration process end? Does it have different dates according to the country of origin of each candidate? What are the deadlines to apply for a scholarship for the course that interests me? What do I need to carry out this process?

What does the area where the university is look like? ‘What’s the local area like?’

What are the reasons for deciding to study in that region? What are the main attractions? How is the night life? How easy is it to get around on public transport services? Is it a student city, or is it a mixture of ages and origins?

Does the university have assistance programs for recent graduates seeking employment? ‘How can the university help me find employment after I complete my course?’

Does the university have alliances with local, national and/or international industries? Are any related to the area of ​​study of your choice? Is there a careers or services department on campus? Does the institution offer opportunities to obtain work experience or internships as part of the study plan?