How To Become A Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect?

How To Become A Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certificate is one of the most in-demand certifications nowadays. Being a cloud architect requires knowledge of at least 40 to 50 GCP products or services from more than 200 products provided by Google. Here is a list of steps to be followed to become a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.

6 Steps To GCP Cloud Architect Certification 

  • Joining GCP Learning Groups

Online learning groups help a lot when it comes to a better GCP learning experience. It can be a collaborative learning style where the faculty gives participants the curriculum at the beginning of the programs, and they can follow the same assignments.

The primary advantages of learning groups are that they provide encouragement and support, have a well-planned structure, have topic discussions that give new ideas and perspectives, and offer other networking opportunities. Learning groups can be formed in offices as well as on social media through Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Joining learning groups makes things more efficient and increases commitment.

  • Qwiklabs

Practical experience is the best form of learning when it comes to GCP. Reading or watching videos help understand the basics of the subject, but doing it practically helps diving deeper and know how things work in GCP. To get the best practical experience, ‘Qwiklabs is highly recommended as it enables the honing of new skills in a real Google cloud environment.

Qwiklabs gives access to the ‘Cloud admin Console’ and ‘Cloud Shell’ that helps in interacting with GCP products. According to the Professional Cloud Architect certification curriculum, some of the recommended practical labs for practice are listed below.

  • Create and Manage Cloud Resources
  • Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks
  • Set Up and Configure a Cloud Environment
  • Automate Infrastructure with Terraform
  • Optimize Costs for Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Video Courses

A vast number of video courses are available on the internet. One can search on YouTube for “GCP architect certification path,” and they will get all the topics covered in multiple videos, from the fundamentals to the advanced points. Some videos help in preparation for the actual exam. Video courses also contain discussions and debates with explanations in the comments section that provide a clearer picture and resolve all the doubts someone might have.

Udemy and Skillshare are other alternatives to YouTube, where one can easily find video courses. Although these are paid services, the tutors and community are beneficial and provide in-depth knowledge on the subject matter.

  • GCP Documentation

While working on case studies, it is highly recommended that examinees refer to the GCP documentation. It is one of the essential steps before appearing for the actual examination. Referring to the GCP documentation is the best way to revise the understanding of the advanced topics. 

Moreover, the best practices and recommendations are available in the GCP documentation from Google. While practicing questions and answers for the exam, some might notice a few learning gaps which might be missed while studying. Referring to the documentation helps one understand those concepts so that nothing is missed before the exam. 

  • Case Studies

Before appearing for the Professional Cloud Architect certification exam, it is advisable to be prepared with four specific case study solutions. In the exam, there are at least 10 questions based on any two of the four case studies. The sample case studies are as given below.

  • Helicopter Racing League
  • EHR Healthcare
  • Mountkirk Games
  • TerramEarth 

Examinees need to think through the solutions themselves, which makes it crucial to take sufficient time to design the solution. Solutions for each case study can be implemented, and an architecture diagram of the solution mapping the applicable GCP services can be created. This helps understand the company overview, solution concept, business requirements, technical requirements, and various other topics of the solution.

  • Practice Questions

For the brain to get into exam mode, it is crucial to practice questions and answers. The questions available for practice are always scenario based. The following are two examples of such practice questions.

  • How should you deploy to GKE?
  • What would be the best Object Lifecycle policy for a company to reduce cost while storing the data in Google Cloud Storage?

Based on Google’s recommended best practices, the correct answers in an MCQ-style exam can be efficiently thought of. Eliminating the wrong answers is a good way of deciding the correct answer if there is confusion.


The preparations and research for the Google Certified Professional cloud architect certification can be daunting, especially for working people, because it becomes hard to find the right balance between work and study. Following the mentioned steps, one can become a Google-certified PCA with increased efficiency.