How to Start a Career in Hotel Management?

How to Start a Career in Hotel Management

The hotel business is an essential part of the hospitality business and has a lot of room to grow shortly. The need for people who know how to run hotels is already very high, and it will only get bigger as more hotels open in India and around the world. A career in hotel management has become more exciting and lucrative, attracting more and more students.

Hotel management jobs require many different skills, like serving food and drinks, running the front desk, doing sales and marketing, accounting, etc. You can get a certificate, diploma, or degree in hotel management from many government colleges and private schools.

Criteria for eligibility:

  • 10+2 is the lowest level of education you need to take a course in hotel management. One can choose between a certificate, diploma, or degree course based on how much it costs and how long it takes.
  • A certificate course can last anywhere from six months to a year. A diploma course takes two years, and a degree course takes three years.
  • Every year in April, a standard entrance test is used to decide who gets into colleges and institutes that the government recognises. The test has multiple-choice questions in English, Reasoning, General Science, and General Knowledge.
  • Before a candidate is finally chosen for the hotel management course, they participate in a group discussion and a personal interview. These are used to learn more about the person’s personality and skills. Private institutes also use the same kind of tests to choose applicants.

Here are some points to Start a Career in Hotel Management

To get into the hotel business and do well as a manager, you need to learn a wide range of skills and hands-on experience with hotel management. Also, most large hotels and international facilities say you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. So, getting a Master of Management in Hospitality Management can help you stand out from other job seekers and improve your chances of getting a management job in the hotel industry.

Key skills for hotel management:

Even though different management roles in other departments have additional responsibilities, almost all managers do some high-level tasks in common, such as hiring and training, controlling the budget, and predicting the return on investment. These tasks require both hard and soft skills. So, if you want to start a career in hotel management, think about getting better at the following skills:

  • Leadership:

Managers must have good leadership skills to create a good work environment and make their teams more productive. Leaders who are good at their jobs should be able to listen to what their employees say, keep their teams motivated, and come up with good ideas for how to solve problems in the department.

  • Communication:

Hotel management jobs often need people with excellent oral and written communication skills. Managers need to talk to their employees about policies and tasks and have an essential role to play in communicating with stakeholders and customers. Also, for international hotel operations to run smoothly, managers need to be able to communicate with team members from different cultures. So, leaders in hotel management need to be able to listen well and share well.

  • Team-building:

Managerial roles in hotel management require you to be a good leader and a good team player who can work well in an environment with a lot of collaboration. You need to be able to, as a manager, organise your department and work well with the heads of other departments to make sure the hotel runs smoothly.

  • Financial management:

Even if you aren’t the finance director, you still need to learn more about money management and get better at it so you can control the budget for your department and the hotel. If you know how to manage money well, you can figure out how the business is doing financially and make intelligent business decisions.

  • Technology literacy:

Technology has become essential to hotel management and lodging operations as technology improves, especially after a pandemic when hotels have to deal with new rules. To improve the guest experience, technologies like automation, cloud services, and robots are used. So, it’s essential for people who work in hotel management to know about the latest technology trends and get better at using new technologies in their work.

Getting a degree in hospitality management:

Getting a degree in hospitality management is one of the best ways to get the skills you need to work in hotel management. Hospitality management is a field that needs good leaders, so many universities and colleges have made programmes just for that. In the Master of Management in Hospitality programme at any University, for example, you can do an internship and take relevant classes to learn about hotel management.


As the hospitality field grows, more people are choosing to study it instead of other subjects. It is one of the options that give people a chance to work and travel all over the world. Nothing can stop you if you know a lot about the hospitality business! Find one of the best Hotel Management colleges, and that’s all you need to do.