Looking for a lucrative profession? Being a Business Analyst can be your ideal career

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst is a kind of interlocutor between the departments of a company, he is in charge of the times of translator of technical needs of the users of diverse types of technologies and is usually a figure with multiple skills to build bridges that provide solutions in the business dynamics.

This professional reviews the requirements of those who request their services to communicate these needs to the Systems or Development Department, and maintains a dialogue between both parties.

If you are considering studying this career abroad , these are some of the characteristics of the profile that a Business Analyst should have:

  • Teamwork and good relationship.
  • Be organized and proactive.
  • Have the ability to perform different activities in parallel.
  • Perform responsibly.
  • Manage crisis situations.

In the active scenario of the current market, the role of a Business Analyst (BA: Business Analyst) gives great value to organizations; since she is capable of competently assuming various functions. In addition, it can also be a “freelance” collaborator, considering that “outsourcing” or outsourcing has become one of the fundamental pillars of the global economy.

Large corporations reduce their operating costs by hiring pieceworkers. Through these temporary contracts, a distance is created between the departments, and the need arises for the provision of high quality services and more precise analysis, which includes the creation of documents and functional specifications that are carried out by the Business Analyst. .

According to each requirement, the increase in the demand for Business Analysts within the job markets around the world will be greater. With such a competitive economic landscape, business organizations seek to improve their business processes and reduce costs; and at this point, the Analysts play a fundamental role.

According to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA: International Institute of Business Analysis), “Business Analysts must analyze and synthesize information provided by a large number of people who interact with the company, including customers, employees, IT professionals and executives; and they are responsible for meeting the current needs of their owners, not just those expressed by them. In many cases, Business Analysts are also dedicated to facilitating communication between organizational units”.

Steps to become a Business Analyst

To specialize in this area, the market offers courses abroad that train applicants in the skills necessary for a career as a Business Planner, Area Expert, Project Manager, Financial Analyst, Systems Analyst, Organizational Analyst, Technologies, Process Analyst, Data Analyst, Application Analyst and Application Designer.

To make your way easier, garudaaviationacademy offers you a list of educational institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Holland, Sweden, New Zealand and Singapore that offer related academic programs in all study ranges. These are the most outstanding:
Newcastle University, in the United Kingdom – Master in International Financial Analysis.

University of New South Wales, in Australia – Master’s in Financial Analysis, mention in Accounting; and Master in Financial Analysis, Finance mention.

Universidad San Luis, in the United States – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration focused on Financial Analysis.