Work before graduation, essential experience


During any professional career, it is essential for the student to plan what goals and objectives they want to achieve at the end of their studies at any level. This is why in professional studies you have a course or subject that requires you to work in a company to demonstrate your professional skills, these are better known as internships and internships.

For many it is essential to work, regardless of whether they must take an internship course to fulfill the curriculum of the career profile before graduating; for economic reasons, because they have scholarships or because they simply want to enrich their professional field and secure a job to climb the ladder or gain experiences to compete in today’s world of work.

According to a report carried out by the online magazine “Times Higher Education” with the title: the number of graduates rises as well as the number of applications, where it reports with percentages and comparisons of statistics between 2011 and 2012, some firms have communicated the high volume of applicants in the latest recruitment campaigns at the end of 2011; In the same way, they also mention the most requested companies both in the private and public spheres in Great Britain, among which the following stand out:
• PricewaterhouseCoopers,
• Procter & Gamble,
• BP
• Teach First
• Civil Service

In this publication they also mention that in the public sector they are willing, for this year, specifically due to the expansion of the “teach first” scheme, to employ 1,000 graduates for the first time. In addition, they affirm that the fields of work with more competitiveness and job possibilities are found in engineering companies , industries, information technology, telecommunications firms, banks and investment banks.

On the other hand, in another article published by The Guardian , based on investigations; where he communicates the concern that graduates currently have without any professional experience because a third of the jobs available for this year (2012) are expected to be taken by those professionals who work before graduating, while the first are left out of these important options.

Recommendations to enter the labor field before becoming professionals.

From the last years in the student high school stage, it is important to know and maintain good academic grades to choose or apply for places to enter a prestigious university and that is in the highest rankings; this would be one of the first steps we must take.
Also, know what vocational guidance is, what are the capabilities that are available and those that are not, with which you can identify more.

Then present the exams required by the institution; Once accepted in the career profile, it is important to adapt and how to relate to colleagues, because this can help a lot when looking for a job before finishing university studies.

This is why it is appropriate to seek recommendations from teachers and know in which field of work to develop, this step is essential because the future professional would be immersed in the field of work and thus avoid what currently happens with those who do not have the same luck. . Feeding your Curriculum vitae with language courses, technology programs, participation in career-related forums, among others, will help build your professional profile when you start as an intern in any industry.