The best pages to get a job abroad as a student

job abroad

The student budget is one of the issues that most concerns those students who undertake an academic journey. I will be able to work? Will the scholarship be enough? Will my parents be able to help me until I finish my degree? These are some of the questions that come to mind while planning the journey.

However, some countries allow their students a few hours of work a week, but if you can’t do it face-to-face, remember that you always have the option of getting an offer remotely.

Here are some of the web portals that will help you get a job as a student:


More than 20 years ago, three Dutch students named Bram Bosveld, Hugo de Koning and Rogier Thewessen were looking for part-time work. However, they soon realized that finding it on the internet was an uphill struggle and in that obstacle they found an opportunity to create their own online job portal, which was initially called Studentenwerk (Student Work).

Over time they decided to expand to new markets and launched StudentJob. An online employment portal that operates in nine European countries with more than 6 million candidates and thousands of offers, which are constantly updated. It is currently considered one of the best pages to find student work. In addition, they offer the possibility of creating your Curriculum Vitae for free within their platform.

2. Indeed

Indeed is a job search engine positioned as one of the most worldwide. It has a presence in more than 20 countries and publishes thousands of new offers every day. It is a good option to look for internships or part-time jobs.


3. First job

As stated on its page, it is a vertical employment portal founded in 2002 and specifically aimed at students and recent graduates without work experience. It was created for young students or recent graduates who wish to enter the labor market and those offers associated with professional internships in companies predominate.
The intention of Primerempleo is to introduce you to the business world of work; Therefore, if you see yourself working in a company with an increasingly specialized position, we recommend that you start as an intern or intern in a company to publicize your skills and, later, get an offer of an indefinite employment contract.

4.  Apple Jobs

It is one of the companies founded by Steve Jobs and has a section on its official website to offer jobs. Apple has a program for undergraduate and graduate students to teach them how to collaborate within the company with a variety of experts and across many departments.

Apple Jobs offers positions both in its stores and in the rest of its sections. You might, for example, find an internship in the electrical engineering department to design the latest cell phones or laptops. It is a great opportunity that you can take advantage of.


Linkedin is one of the most famous business social networks today. A significant number of workers worldwide have a profile on this page or web application. All you have to do is build your resume on the platform and explore to start your job search.

On LinkedIn, many companies share job offers for interns or interns and one of the advantages it has is that recruiters have access to your profile and, if they are interested, they will contact you for a job interview.