Basic tips for a CV to attract attention


Searching for work is a process that, for many, generates concern when facing the immensity of skills in a global labor market. Obviously, what you know, you are going to show when they give you the opportunity. But you must get that opportunity.

To do this, you need to present a good resume, which defines you both in content and in “aesthetics”. Next, garudaaviationacademy has prepared for you a brief manual on basic tips when preparing a good CV.

1. The Title and objective of your CV should reflect your skills, your experience and your expectations about the new job. You must reflect the qualities you have to perform in that position, you must show what you want and what you offer to that organization. You must be precise. Be careful, you should not mention your personal goals.

2. Indicate what your previous jobs have been (list them chronologically from most recent to oldest). You must indicate the responsibilities, activities and sector of the company, in order to make it more understandable for the employer.


3.- Quantify your achievements through specific figures. For example, percentage increase and time, include results, indicate the number of employees you supervised, the income you achieved with your work, etc.


4.- Indicate the title obtained , on what date you did those studies and in which institution, mention them from the most recent to the oldest. Do not mention data such as secondary, primary and kindergarten education.


5.- List the important courses you have taken and in which you have obtained a diploma as a result, in addition, that are related to the objective and professional career. Don’t mention other kind of courses like aerobics, theater and karate etc.


6.- List the computer programs you handle. If you do not include them, the employer will not know that you handle them. 

7.- Point out your handling of other languages ​​through precise results. For example, put your TOEFL English test score or degree obtained from a prestigious institute or school .

8.- Others: Indicate your nationality, age and marital status. Other data, such as date of birth, identity card number, license number and passport, are not mentioned.