What you should know about student health insurance in Asia

health insurance

The portal of the Zurich insurance company explains that the health system of countries like Japan and Thailand are very good and work quite well; however, since you are not registered within your health system, you will have to pay to be treated in the event of an accident.

For example, in Japan an emergency admission without health insurance costs approximately $3,500 and treating a minor fracture would cost around $150. On the other hand, in Thailand the cost of admission would be $800, while in China the approximate value of health treatments ranges from $1,200 in the case of specialized examinations, and more than $10,000 for surgery and a pair. of days of hospitalization.

Keep in mind that when you require medical assistance in Asia, you must make the transfer of funds in advance, because otherwise there is a great possibility that you will not even be treated.

When you travel to Asia, overcoming the language barrier is very difficult as hardly anyone speaks English and it would be quite rare to find someone who knows Spanish well enough to communicate with you. That is why there are insurances that offer interpreter services in case you need a doctor abroad.

Hospitals in China

In www.saporedicina.com they explain that in China, there are two main types of hospitals:

1) Public hospitals where no one speaks English, you will have to queue for hours, you will not have privacy and the hygienic conditions are questionable (there are exceptions, the so-called VIP hospitals, but they are much more expensive).

2) International hospitals, where the doctors and nurses speak English, the service is faster, you will receive privacy conditions similar to those you can find in the West, and the sanitary conditions are generally better.

Insurance options

In the case of China, if you go to work or study at a university, it is normal for them to insure, but university health insurance is far from ideal. This type of coverage is normally restricted to university hospitals, which are usually unable to treat most illnesses. Therefore, if the disease or intervention cannot be treated at the university hospital, they will refer you to a public one.

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