Take notes by hand or with a computer?


The BBC and El Mundo de España recently published a study that proves that taking notes by hand will make you get better grades.

Now, think about when was the last time you wrote by hand. Days, weeks, months? In some countries, like Finland, calligraphy is being displaced by typing. There they do not consider something as archaic as a pencil and paper to be the future. Computers, tablets and mobile phones have become essential tools in our daily lives, and the task of writing by hand has become outdated.

All this despite the fact that more and more studies in neuroscience indicate that typing using only a touch screen or keyboard can affect brain development. The digitization of writing brings with it many benefits, as you can, for example, get on the ecology bandwagon, avoid crossing out or reduce writing time.

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However, like almost everything, it also has its consequences. According to a study carried out by researchers at Princeton and California Universities, students who take notes by hand have better long-term results than those who write their notes on a computer.

This, despite the fact that keyboard enthusiasts more easily stay with the rhythm of reading and manage, of course, to write more in less time. However, those faithful to the paper develop a better grasp of concepts, remembering more accurately the notes taken even a week later.

With a sample of 67 students, this study shows how the group made up of young people who take notes by hand versus those who use the computer obtain better results in the tests they take later. The ability of the former to synthesize is extolled while the latter tend more to replicate everything without paying attention to what is important.