Do you need help to make your Concept Map Online?

Concept maps are great tools that solve the lives of students and workers alike. But then, why are there people who have so much trouble making them? It is probably due to lack of resources or knowledge. In this post we are going to explain what it is and what programs and applications you can use to make good concept maps online for free. 

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Online concept map: What is it and what is it for?

An online concept map is, in short, a concept map that is made through various technological tools such as applications and programs. A conceptual map stands out for being a graphic, synthesized and hierarchical representation of a particular theme. Although, it can also be used to explain processes and areas of a company.

These structures serve, broadly speaking, to visually relate concepts and organize information contained in extensive texts. In addition, it allows to relate the work of different work areas thanks to the knowledge of the specialties of each one (this within a business context).

Characteristics of online concept maps

Among its main characteristics, it can be highlighted that online concept maps are:

  • Hierarchized: the concepts and keywords have to be hierarchized in order to understand which ones understand others. This works for hierarchies not only of academic concepts, but also for business areas.
  • Ordained: the ordinance is useful in all orders of life. The idea is that the people who are seeing your exhibition can understand what is represented, and part of that is ensured by the order of the information.
  • Simple and short: online concept maps do not have to be long or complex. As we told you before, if ordered, but at the same time brief and with the right and necessary information.
  • Attractive: the aesthetic part plays an important role. Although it is not essential that, for example, the concept map has a color combination that is spectacular, it is a factor that helps. Not only the colors, the shape and aesthetics of it.

These aspects are what, ultimately, give identity to your online conceptual map when it comes to presenting it in an exhibition or academic project.

Programs and applications to make concept maps online

Now we are going to show you some of the most used applications today to make not only free online concept maps, but also diagrams , schemes, synoptic tables and all kinds of graphic representations. 

Google Docs

All Google accounts today have this functionality included. It is similar to Word, but online, through the cloud that allows you to automatically save all your progress. It allows the creation of all kinds of documents and graphic structures, such as concept maps. It is free and, in addition, it is easy to use.

Microsoft Office – Word and PowerPoint

These two are possibly the most used tools by students and designers around the world. Both, like the Docs, are free, simple to use. They are offline and require manual saving, although Microsoft now applies emergency saves in the event of an unexpected outage. 

Both tools bring an interesting number of templates that you can take advantage of.


The most frequented web page of the last time. Canva is indispensable for all kinds of projects that include images and visual complements. In turn, it has an immense amount of pre-designs that, in addition, you can edit to your liking and in a simple way. 

microsoft vice

This is a Microsoft Office add-in that will help you create diagrams, organization charts and, with a greater focus, vector graphics. This has a free 30-day trial version.

I look

This virtual platform will allow you to plan and organize your ideasThe best of all is that, by having many templates, it will save you a lot of work time. Many professionals use it for its ease when working and, above all, because you can register for free.


This is a downloadable program that will help you make good diagrams and concept maps online. It is especially useful, being downloadable, for presentations in classes and works. It has the ability to let you place comments on your own creations. This great tool also allows you to export your work to recognizable formats for the entire Office and PDF package. 


This is an application that you will be able to use whether you have Android or iOS. It is very useful during a brainstorm because it allows you to write down the ideas and, from there, plan and structure those ideas in graphic structures . It is mostly used by students and designers and is free and open source software.


This app is for drawing concept maps, diagrams and turning them into schematics and vice versa. You can add text from other sources, such as emails or another document and from there it is saved in the cloud. Its download and primary features are free, but to make unlimited online concept maps you will have to pay a membership.

We can help you make your concept map online!

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