5 amazing jobs for people who love to travel

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Do you have a passion for travel? Maybe you’re ready to ditch your boring 9 to 5 job, or you’re a recent graduate who wants a new experience before settling down to work. We feel you!

There’s a sweet spot for travel, and it happens in your twenties. As a teenager, you were too broke. But when you hit your 30s, life has an annoying tendency to get in the way, making it harder and harder to escape. .

Now, more than ever, Canadians in their twenties are discovering a desire for international adventure and amazing work that they truly love. But there’s only one problem: a distinct lack of funds.

However, there is good news on the horizon: if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug but still need to earn a living, there are jobs that actually pay you to live and travel abroad. Seriously. There is a dream job in the world, waiting for you. We’ve rounded up five of our favorites below.

Au Pair: The “Babysitting” Job You’ll Really Want To Do

Do you remember those nights babysitting your neighbor’s kids across the street? You’ve probably erased them from your memory, right? But working as an Au Pair is far from the childcare experiences of the past. If you love working with children, improve your foreign language skills and experience the culture like a local, becoming an Au Pair could be the ideal work abroad opportunity for you.

While salaries tend to be lower, it’s worth keeping in mind that your room and board are paid for, allowing you the freedom to save some extra money to travel! Being Canadian (hey!) also opens you up to amazing Au Pair opportunities in places like the UK, Italy, Australia or France that offer special visas for Canadians from abroad.

Teach English abroad: avoid moving back in with your parents after graduation

There’s a lot of pressure on college grads to get jobs straight out of school. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Go to college, get a job, and then life will work out. But for you, maybe there’s a little voice in the back of your head that won’t let the idea of ​​traveling after graduation go away.

Teaching English is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to earn money while living abroad. All you need is your bachelor’s degree (all majors welcome!) and a TEFL certificate.

There are many websites and online job boards geared towards helping graduates find the right teaching job abroad. International teacher recruitment companies like Teach Away are dedicated to helping recent graduates find great jobs. teachers around the world.

Teaching English can take you to all corners of the world, from Europe to South America to Asia. Whether you want to live near a tropical beach or right in the middle of a bustling city, there is a teaching job for you.

Volunteer abroad: when in doubt, help!

Make your philanthropic mark around the world and volunteer abroad. Now, while you obviously won’t earn a salary in volunteer positions, you can find organizations that provide accommodation and even food as compensation!

Opportunities to give back around the world are wide-ranging: you can try anything from building schools to helping conserve wildlife. Not only can these positions be extremely rewarding, they can also be fun and allow you to get to know people! lots of new and interesting people on the way!

Working on a cruise ship: living like a pirate (well, almost!)

Looking to fulfill your childhood dreams of sailing the high seas? Cruise ships offer some of the best opportunities for those who want to embark on a new adventure by working abroad.

If you have strong seal paws and can’t resist the idea of ​​spending weeks at sea or in relatively close quarters, this might be a job worth trying. Working on a cruise ship gives you the opportunity to travel to a lot of different places (probably tropical). You can also say hello to free food and living expenses, making it easy to save some extra money! Who can’t agree that sailing the Caribbean is practically a dream job opportunity? ?

Work as a tour guide: For adventurers with a strong sense of direction!

Have you fallen in love with a particular city or region in another country? If you are a confident and enthusiastic person with good interpersonal and organizational skills, working as a tour guide could be the perfect job for you. Every day! , you’ll be able to show off hordes of tourists and share what makes your new home abroad so amazing!

There are hundreds of companies looking to hire tour guides throughout the year. While you don’t need any specific qualifications to find a job as a tour guide, the job does require you to be very knowledgeable about the sights and history of the city (or country). in question. However, as long as you are willing to learn, there is nothing stopping you from applying for a job as a tour guide anywhere in the world!

So there you have it. Five job ideas that will have you traveling in no time! With so many ways to travel and get paid at the same time, don’t let fear or excuses get in the way of your dreams .In no time, you could be packing your bags for a new adventure working and traveling abroad!Best of luck.