What should I study if I want to be a political advisor?

political advisor

If being a political advisor is your dream, we are here to tell you what you should study to specialize in this area. Political Science or Politology are those that study theory and practice of this type of collective or individual manifestations.

Political Science graduates also analyze the behavioral systems of society in relation to politics, its influence on society, and the interactions between political actors and individuals. These professionals are known as political scientists.

Find Political Science courses here:

Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Political Science at Fort Lewis College

Political science students are activated by abstract concepts. You will explore how political institutions affect contemporary issues and controversies in the United States and internationally. You’ll also find regional policies unique to the American West. You can intern with public interest groups, in law offices, and as a legislative assistant to elected officials. And by graduation, you’ll be thinking independently, communicating effectively, and navigating professionally in our ever-evolving, integrated, and multicultural world.

Master of Political Science (MPols) at Victoria University of Wellington

This 12-month master’s degree provides experience without the need for an Honors degree. You can also do the shorter Postgraduate Diploma in Political Science, for courses only. Study politics where it happens. Set in the capital city of New Zealand, the show offers a close-up view of the political process.

Bachelor of Arts, major in Political Science at University of St. Thomas

Our Political Science program covers the four traditional subfields of the discipline: Canadian Politics and Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations and World Politics, and Political Philosophy. Students are given a solid grounding in the institutional and philosophical dimensions of political life and are attuned to the trends and upheavals that alter forces and issues affecting us at home and abroad.