Recommendations to ensure your entrance to the university


You found the university of your dreams abroad, and your greatest desire is to be accepted. In addition to all the qualifications and documents that you must submit during the pre-registration process, the requirement that will determine your admission is the interview. Your manner of presentation will leave an impression, good or bad, on the inquiring board; who will hold your academic future in their hands.

What is the best way to prepare and secure your entry? You need to establish an action plan, because although it is true that you will be honest and do everything possible to respond intelligently; you will optimize the results if you write what you plan to say, before stepping on the interview room. 

Where to start?

The first step is to thoroughly read the catalog of the higher education institution where you want to study, especially regarding the course of your interest. With this knowledge fresh in your mind, you will surely have no problem making it clear what your future goals are, and how being admitted to this prestigious university will contribute to the achievement of your professional goals.   

You should also review, over and over again, your Statement of Motives until you perfect it. Interviewers will be extremely incisive in asking you questions about the personal reasons that made you choose a certain career. They will use psychology to test your confidence and skills, it is up to you to make a good impression on them.

Get update

Find all the information you can about the profession you want to dedicate yourself to, as well as about aspects related to it. It is essential that you demonstrate in the interview that you are really interested in the academic course, and in dedicating your life to that career.


Make sure you go to bed early the day before the interview, as a tired mind will not allow you to appear fresh and relaxed, but sleepy and tired; terrible image if you want to make a great impression.

Almost all young people have an idea of ​​what an informal interview is, because throughout student life it is common to belong to groups, societies, practice extracurricular activities that require a previous conversation as an entry requirement. This experience can be used to face this type of meeting, which will mark the beginning of the path towards professionalization. Look for information at the university, students, graduates, professors… Try to arrive at the appointment with all the necessary data to achieve success. Good luck!