Constancy, essential for the Entrepreneur: Startblue Up


Constancy, innovation, perseverance, hard work, commitment as well as the same person, are essential concepts for an Entrepreneur to be successful in installing their products or ideas in the markets and that this undertaking not only gives them to to live but to transcend, this is part of the essential points that the Startblue Up Collective consulting company seeks from an advisor.

But, before embarking on it is important to remind you that if this is the path you want to choose, you must know what are the skills or abilities that are needed to succeed in the current context; identify the attributes you have as a person, prepare yourself with additional studies , some extra language , polish the details, keep yourself in constant training, focused… But above all, think big, always with your feet on the ground.

You choose the limit

Important founders agree and affirm the importance of investing in yourself, to generate the success you want. For this reason, today apart from inviting you to review the different study options that we have, we also want to share some tips that we have compiled if you want and have in mind to undertake:

  • Be disruptive, check that your idea is unique and make a difference.
  • Leave fear behind, always think big.
  • Maintain a network of contacts, in which you include partners, investors, advisors, clients… This point is fundamental, it will help you grow.
  • Plan yourself, create a crisis manual and prepare for any situation, go two steps ahead, take firm steps. 
  • Be persistent, you must have the ability to meet your expectations as an entrepreneur and those of your clients.
  • Break the rules… Yes! Just as you read it, you must adapt to your context, to the changes and to evaluate your reality. Do not compare yourself with others, check your field and remember that the rules of entrepreneurship are not laws of nature.

Vision of an entrepreneur

In an interview with a reporter, Jorge Iván Puflea Hernández, director of the Startblue Up Collective, commented that entrepreneurs today must first define who they are as people and which of the opportunities they seek can be found, since the personality of everything entrepreneurial individual is a characteristic of their own that makes them experience many thoughts that lead to who they are and where they want to go.

He explained that in his consulting courses he aims to break personal paradigms that stop them from developing ideas and that the same person has confidence in being an entrepreneur and does not wait for someone to tell him what to do.

“What we are working on is that the thousands of Mexican students who want to be entrepreneurs should be supported with various consultancies and extra-classroom training, since at the moment in the country only theoretical support is received at school and, currently, it requires extra studies for the officers,” added Puflea.

The manager gave an example that this is essential for the business to be a basic precept of national development and, exemplified, that the average entrepreneurship of the Mexican is 1.2 times in a lifetime, while in the United States each person creates concepts of entrepreneurship about 35 times in his life, which denotes confidence in acting and in extra support for schoolchildren and is reflected in business even inventions.

At this time, he explained that they advise and work with various entrepreneurial projects ranging from information technology, advertising, inventors, arts, cultural and social accessories. Which are supported by various guidelines, from knowing how to download public funds, training, sale of products and ideas, funding of private companies after the realization of products, among others.

Finally, during the conversation with the journalist, the businessman stated that “every entrepreneur must change his attitude and not stop himself..