Recommendations to do a successful final degree project


You reach the end of your career abroad . You feel relieved, but also worried, because the stress of the final work and dealing with your teammates becomes a bit overwhelming. Calm. There are some tips that you can follow so that this last step is not a nightmare, follow them below.

1. Meet with tutor to set guidelines

The team, accompanied by the tutor, must choose the appropriate modality of the Final Degree Project. Among them stands out the Case Study, Research / Action, analysis of innovations, market research, etc. In addition, all those involved must be clear about the objective of the work, the methodology to be used and the approach.

In the final works there is usually room for a critical approach not only towards the reference literature but also towards your own analysis.

2. Distribution of tasks

From the beginning, also with the support of the tutor, it is necessary to establish a work schedule, as well as the respective distribution of tasks, so that everyone focuses on their objective and the guidelines are clear from the beginning.

3. Shared work

At this point technology is our ally. Now you can, in addition to having face-to-face meetings, have your work in the cloud and in shared folders so that all team members have access to the same document, which they can edit in real time, even if they are in different places.

4. Face-to-face exchange

Doing group work can be positive when collecting information both at the level of documentary research and field work. However, keep in mind that meeting requires a greater effort of coordination and updating of progress in the project.

5. End point

For project advocacy to be successful, all members must be involved to the same extent. Take into account that the final degree project is not finished until you present it to the jury and everyone will want to verify that all the members of the team participated.

Always seek the help of your supervisor or tutor if you have problems with something, they may be very busy people but their experience is there to advise you.